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• Here’s an EXTREMELY amazing story about a homeschooling family who sent six of their kids to college – by the time they were twelve. Try not to feel inferior.

• Last week, I was doing some baking with the kids (if you knew how much I prefer being alone in the kitchen, you would award me 8 million super mom points), and I told Big to go give his hands a rinse while we were cooking. When he came back, I noticed he was doing something weird (like that’s new), and I said, “WHAT are you DOING?” And he goes, “I’m drying my hands.” And then I was forced to say, “WE DON’T DRY OUR HANDS UNDER OUR ARMPITS.”

Happily, the banana bread we were making was for their breakfast, and I wasn’t going to eat any of it. But SERIOUSLY. Who has to make that rule? WHO?

• ‘member last week when Little lost a tooth in the carpet? Well, this week she lost another one.

In my bed.

I said, “I suggest you find it, because if I’m sleeping and get bitten by some marauding tooth, I am NOT going to be happy about it.”

• This –


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