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• Little lost another tooth last week. It was loose for weeks, but she wouldn’t let anyone near it, insisting it “wasn’t ready yet.” Well, it fell out right into her lap. Then she jumped up and shrieked, “my tooth fell out! my tooth fell out!” which naturally flung the tooth across the room where it got lost in the carpet and it took Jim, Big, and Little 15 minutes to find it while I hid and studiously ignored the whole thing. They finally found it and put it in an ziploc baggie Acid-Free Memory Keeping Envelope and brought it to me, and then they started wondering where all their OTHER teeth were (I swear, I find a tooth baggie in every damn box I unpack), and then I was forced to actually say, “NO YOU ARE NOT KEEPING A BAGGIE OF TEETH IN YOUR NIGHTSTAND.”

• The weather here is driving me nuts. I’ve lived in Colorado the majority of my life, but I swear this Spring seems more psycho than usual. Case in point: Today is going to be a perfect 65 degrees. Tomorrow there is a Blizzard Warning and we are expecting high winds and four inches of snow.

Spring is like the John Mayer of seasons. One minute you feel all warm and hopeful, and the next, you want to punch it in the face.

(yes, I know I tweeted that already. I’m enamored with my own cleverness)

• I am thinking of asking for a sewing machine for my birthday, which will not be a number beginning with Three, but let’s all pretend it is. Any thoughts? What kind should I get? What features are must-haves? Is it too early to start a fabric stash?

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