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It was my sister’s birthday recently. She turned 40.

I bought her a bedpan. Obviously.


We took her to lunch at Red Robin and gave it to her. Once again solidifying my position as Best Sister Ever.

Random Monday

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• I just heard a commercial for teeth whitening that boasted the “Stephen Baldwin Seal of Approval.”

Is that a thing? The Stephen Baldwin Seal of Approval? I don’t know how compelling that is, really.

• Also last week I heard that the Center for Disease Control has a whole page on their site devoted to the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

Be prepared, people. Be. Prepared.

• Here is a REALLY interesting article on what happened when MIT sent tablet computers to two villages in Ethiopia with no instructions. Short version: the kids  – 2nd graders, who had previously never even seen printed packaging or road signs, never mind a computer – not only figured out how to use them, they figured out how to hack them.

• In Hysterical Non-Thinking News, a teacher who showed his 2nd graders gardening tools was suspended for “possessing, carrying, storing, or using a weapon” and for “negligently supervising children.” Jim and I have had discussions about whether or not our 2nd grader is ready for a pocketknife, but wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers? Girl, please. Oh, and PS? The CURRICULUM REQUIRED A DISCUSSION ABOUT TOOLS. Tools in picture books? Sanctioned. Tools in real life? OHMYGOSHRUNANDHIDE.

What are they worried about, exactly? That the kids will see a screwdriver, exchange knowing looks with each other, and then go all Lord of the Flies on the school? I’ll bet that most kids are not hardened criminals, and the sight of a screwdriver inspires them to take apart their bike, not make a shiv.

• Random Pet Peeve: When autocorrect changes the spelling of my words and yet STILL shows me the little red squiggly underline that indicates a misspelling. Step off, you…you…you SPELLING DICTATORS.

• From Dawn, who sends me the best stuff – People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up with your own randomness below!

Other People’s Crap in My House

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So after Kristy was hassling me about having other people’s crap all over my house (which Jim went out of his way to tell me was the funniest comment ever), I thought I’d show more other people’s crap Awesome, Envy-Inducing Finds (a twelve part series).

This is the very second Chalk Paint Project I did.

Turquoise. I love it.


It’s the credenza in my office. It contains my chocolate stash important paperworky things. I am so bummed I could not find a Before picture. It was $50 at a thrift store. SCORE.


Let’s see, is everything in here used? The credenza and the little cabinet ($10); the chairs ($100 and $10, respectively), the table (which is our dining table, a supposedly 19th century French farmhouse table that Jim bought me before all our money went to kids and that cost an obscene amount I decline to share)… The lamps are new. And the clock (more orange!)

The cabinet came from an antique mall and was a STEAL at $280. The yarn is all new. I don’t have pre-owned yarn.

I also decline to share how much the yarn cost. But there’s silk in there. And alpaca, llama, bison. Bison. So.


I love my office. All us moms should have a place of our own. The other corner (where I’m standing to take the above picture), has the kids desk and school stuff, and I’ll show you that later. The desk is the very fourth chalk paint project I’ve done and it’s not quite finished yet.

Other People’s Crap: It’s a Good Thing.

Especially if you are a Cheap Skate.

Get ready for more posts in this series. I am presently obsessed with decorating the house and buying furniture (much to Jim’s regret). I am on the hunt for a bookcase and some kind of table for the entry way. And more chairs. You can never have enough chairs.


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So I think I made a new friend. Like, an In Real Life Friend.

I met her at my knitting group. She doesn’t knit, she just hangs out with knitters. BECAUSE OF THE AWESOMENESS.

She has a terrific sense of humor AND she thinks I’m funny. Thinking I’m funny is like, my Number One Requirement in a friend. I, obviously, think I am hilarious and I slay myself all the time. Jim is used to me, so he’s not such a good audience anymore.  He’s spoiled, that’s what it is. This must be how Leno feels.

Maybe New Friend also likes thrift store shopping and used furniture shopping, so a couple times after the knitting group has broken up, we’ve gone thrifting.

Last week, I saw this TERRIFIC orange chair at one shop. It was $30, and I didn’t get it. That might be because the back of the car was already filled up with a truly hideous green bookcase that I am going to paint, but that’s neither here nor there.  Maybe New Friend HELPED me load the bookcase in the car! Someone who carries my stuff definitely has Friend Potential.

ANYway, I thought about the adorable chair ALL WEEK, and went back yesterday, hoping against hope that it was still there. Because who could pass up an awesome orange chair? WHO?

Everyone, apparently. It was still there AND it was now only ten dollars.


That is less than a trip to Starbucks!

I mean. I am just beyond in love with this chair.

It needed a little love, but a good vacuuming and a brush with some soapy water made him good as new –



There was a moment (Kristy), when I was crowing about my TEN DOLLAR score (Kristy) to one of my friends on Google Chat (Kristy), and I could FEEL her cringing at the thought of buying a USED chair for only TEN DOLLARS (Kristy).

And I don’t necessarily blame her at all, because used upholstered furniture? It has an ick factor.

But clearly this chair breaks the stereotypes, yes?

In the background is another one of my purchases, a set of lockers from a military surplus store.


In my kitchen.

Because I am cool that way (Kristy).