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School bans Triangular Shaped Pancakes after a student gets a sore eye when another student chucks one at him.

My, what a bunch of weenies we are. I was watching Yukon Men the other night, and a 14 year old boy took a rifle and went out into the wilderness hunting, to hopefully find enough meat to sustain his entire family over the winter. And yet down here, in “the real world,” we must be on alert for Improperly Shaped Snack Foods.


• I got my hair cut last Wednesday. She cut it SO SHORT. I feel like a skinned onion (as my grandmother would say). Last time, she left it too long. Too long, too short… when will it be juuuuust right? I feel like Goldilocks. You know. Except without any hair. Also, this last foray into a salon has unearthed a new patch of gray at my temples.

• I read in Us Magazine that Kim and Kanye are thinking about naming their baby Easton. Easton West. Snarky Deb is practically rubbing her hands together in glee.

• I have wanted an overhead projector for a long time, and the other day it finally dawned on me to check Craig’s List. I scored one for $30! AND did not get murdered! A victory all around. I have so many ideas for things do to with a projector. Luckily, Jim is used to my crackpot ideas and he drove 30 miles to the middle of nowhere to get it with hardly any sarcastic comments. I shall be inundating you with pinnable art ideas in no time, thus rocketing me to the heights of bloggy fame.

• This? Is HILARIOUS. But only click if you are immune to a lot of cursing. A LOT. Thug Kitchen: Eat like you give a #$%@*.

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