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• ‘member that time I was all bragging how I negotiated a super low price on our new mattress? Well, it was too soft, and we had to exchange it and that cost $500 and now I am back up to having paid retail. Sucks.

• Last weekend we went to the DaVinci exhibit in Denver. It was AWESOME. It’s a traveling exhibit, so if it comes to a town anywhere near you, I highly recommend going.


Big and I walked along with the guide and learned a ton of stuff. Little and Jim wandered around and looked at whatever caught their eye. The exhibit has over SIXTY working models of his inventions and some of them you can even play with. Oh look! It’s stay has been extended until April 14th in Denver! Colorado peeps, check it out.


Obviously, I rubbed school all over it and ordered a bunch of books on DaVinci from Amazon and printed out the Teacher’s Guide. We all had a great time and I’m marking it down as larnin’ and no one can stop me.

• On our way into the exhibit, we saw Gandalf playing chess.


• We also took the kids to a Vietnamese cafe for the first time, and we shared a banh mi and a big bowl of pho. Later, we had gelato. It was like an Adventure day, even though we are normal people again! Then we went to Ikea. Because if I go to Denver, I’m going to Ikea, you know what I’m saying?

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