World’s Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table

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Remember these?

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table

I built the World’s Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table™ with them.

Gigantic, eight-inch-diameter casters from Amazon + Ikea butcher block counter top

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

It weighs around 800 pounds, but that’s okay.

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

And here it is in the room –

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

Bitchin’, yes?

It’s nice and long (slightly over six feet) so Jim and I aren’t fighting over it when we are watching teevee. And while it’s low, it’s just the exact right height for our sofa. I waxed the top with CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Furniture Wax (again – waxing sucks. I made everyone help).

The Casters were $110, and the butcher block was $129. For $240 we built something we love, that suits our needs and our space. A win all around.

What do you think? Try to be nice. I’m delicate. Melanie suggested the kids will be riding it all over the house and down the stairs, but I put my fingers in my ears and didn’t listen to that.

If you want to make your own coffee table, I still have lots of ideas that Jim didn’t go for. In fact, I feel more table-building in my future.

(I wouldn’t hate it if you pinned this idea either. I am still on the quest for World Internet Domination)

16 Responses to “World’s Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table”

  1. Rose Says:

    I do love it and think you did a fabulous job, however, I do agree with Mel that at some point in time the kids will try to ride it somewhere!!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Forget the kids riding it … man I wanna take that baby out for a spin!

    Will pin simply to aid you in your efforts for world internet domination … remember me when you have all that power please!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Winter Onesies

  3. tracey Says:

    Brilliant. Come and make me one.
    tracey´s last blog post ..Someday; Just Not Today

  4. hikooky Says:

    What? NO GURNEY???

    a) I love that you spell out “teevee” every time.

    b) My first thought was of kids rolling around too. Like, body surfing. Actually, I’m thinking that really looks like fun.

    c) I think this rocks! Well done!

  5. hikooky Says:

    OMG! Remember the… oh whoops. You didn’t go to public school. I was going to refer to the awesome little wooden square scooters that we rode around on in gym class in the 70’s. This is like the adult version! RACES!

  6. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    LOVE it. But it would be too tempting in our house, especially if we lived on a hill.
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..How to Raise a Hellion

  7. Kevin Says:

    Land luge it is! 🙂

    Seriously, though, I’m impressed. It’s a very cool coffee table. You should be proud. Plus the weight should give it great stability at high speeds.

  8. Dawn Suzette Says:

    This is great! Very creative and fits your space perfectly!
    Dawn Suzette´s last blog post ..On Becoming a Writer

  9. Kristy Says:

    It is a very interesting and unique table.

  10. Diane Says:

    I think you did a great job. Love it.
    Diane´s last blog post ..The Great Homeschool Convention – Greenville – Part 1

  11. Karen@Candid Diversions Says:

    Fantastic! Love something like this rather than something bought out of a furniture show room.
    Karen@Candid Diversions´s last blog post ..Gratituesday – House

  12. Julie Says:

    I love this! It’s unique and I love unique. I see this table covered in legos in the near future!

  13. Eddie - The Usual Mayhem Says:

    It’s beautiful. It would not survive in my house, though, as it would almost immediately be used for something involving children, races, and stairs. Actually, with a bi sturdy table like that, the walls probably wouldn’t make it either.
    Eddie – The Usual Mayhem´s last blog post ..St. George and the Dragon-paper tube dragon and foam board castle

  14. Connie Weiss Says:

    Very nice!!
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..Spring Break

  15. artsnark Says:

    looks great! Love the wheels
    artsnark´s last blog post ..Christina Leta interview & jewelry giveaway – ends

  16. Ingi Says:

    Land luge! We have an Ikea table top that has lost its legs and I bought new ones from Bunnings (a hardware store here) but they are wobbly and the top is heavy. So I could do your idea, except Hubby WOULD land luge, so, no.
    Ingi´s last blog post ..Hi Honey! I’m home!!!!