World’s Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table

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Remember these?

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table

I built the World’s Bitchinest DIY Coffee Tableā„¢ with them.

Gigantic, eight-inch-diameter casters from Amazon + Ikea butcher block counter top

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

It weighs around 800 pounds, but that’s okay.

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

And here it is in the room –

World's Bitchinest DIY Coffee Table @ Not Inadequate

Bitchin’, yes?

It’s nice and long (slightly over six feet) so Jim and I aren’t fighting over it when we are watching teevee. And while it’s low, it’s just the exact right height for our sofa. I waxed the top with CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Furniture Wax (again – waxing sucks. I made everyone help).

The Casters were $110, and the butcher block was $129. For $240 we built something we love, that suits our needs and our space. A win all around.

What do you think? Try to be nice. I’m delicate. Melanie suggested the kids will be riding it all over the house and down the stairs, but I put my fingers in my ears and didn’t listen to that.

If you want to make your own coffee table, I still have lots of ideas that Jim didn’t go for. In fact, I feel more table-building in my future.

(I wouldn’t hate it if you pinned this idea either. I am still on the quest for World Internet Domination)