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• I’ve been catching up on Us Weekly now that we are in a house like normal humans. Apparently some guy called Lil Wayne got his forehead tattooed. The tattoo says “baked.”

If I got a tattoo, I’d totally get it on my face. Just put it out there where everyone can see it. If you get a good idea like tattooing “baked” on your person, you don’t wanna hide your light under a bushel, you know what I’m saying?

• Also from Us Magazine, Christina Applegate announced her two year old is incredibly talented, having singing, tap-dancing, and ballet as strings to her bow. SHE IS TWO YEARS OLD. Ballet? Really? Okay, sure.

• The other day on Twitter, Connie at The Young and the Relentless made some comment about switching from Google Reader and I was all like What for? and then I saw the news that Google is retiring the reader! What are we supposed to do now? Boo. I don’t like it. If you don’t use Google Reader, what do you use? What is everyone considering switching to?

• I also saw this news about Ukranian Killer Dolphins on the Loose. Which, I mean. What can you say about that? I guess they’re equipped with pistols and knives? True or not, that’s one awesome story.

• One morning, several years ago, right after I cut my hair short, my kids were cuddling with me in bed and Little gave a little gasp and goes “mommy, you have something white in your hair!” and then they both started picking through my hair looking for the offending gray like monkeys looking for fleas. The gasps of horror were hilarious. Apparently instead of cutting off all the gray, I just made it more noticeable. *sigh* And then when I explained that when you get to be an old lady, your hair turns gray, Big said, “Oh. What color will you get when it’s done being gray?”

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