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• Here’s an interesting story about dropping mice on Guam in an effort to kill snakes.


• New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems determined to RUIN PIZZA now. That guy is out of control.

• I find myself extremely unmotivated to unpack. Extremely. Also, I feel slightly sickened at how much crap we have. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Who needs this much stuff? We’ve gotten along with one skillet and one pot and one knife for a year and a half. Having more than that is weird.

Being unsettled by the amount of stuff in boxes does not stop me from spending every waking moment thinking about getting even more stuff, however. It’s like, I have a lot of stuff, but it’s not the right stuff. For example, we have no lamps. None. Well, two. But mostly none. Also, we have no chairs. Literally none. We have one sofa. No side chairs. No kitchen chairs. No office chairs. Zeros chairs of any kind. How am I 41 years old with no chairs? Also, no tables. Which I suppose works out fine, because with no kitchen chairs, a table by itself would be pointless. No end tables. No nightstands. Nothing. You know what I DID find, though? Rocks. A box of rocks. very nice, polished, vase filler-type rocks, neatly packed into zippy baggies and cushioned by tissue paper. But still. Rocks.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Sorry this is late, but please link up with your own Randomness below!