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• Articles like this – How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries are what continue to motivate me to feed my family the highest quality food I possible can. Knowing the food industry and the FDA act in ways that are diametrically opposed to that goal makes it a struggle.

• Eric Holder is a terrible Attorney General. There. I said it. This in particular is frightening.

• The always thought-provoking Peter Gray at the Freedom to Learn blog at Psychology Today with a brutally honest post on the damage that playing football does to young men’s bodies.

I have a lot of mixed feeling about sports. Obviously, being active and athletic is a good thing. But the hysteria that surrounds sports? No thanks. Kids don’t seem to play for fun anymore. And I’m not interested in promoting the idea that every single interest has to “go” somewhere and be practiced with rabid devotion. I often think that Little would be great at gymnastics. She’s always flopping all over the damn place. But if we do enroll her, I know I will have to keep a sharp eye out for negative body talk and dieting nonsense. It makes me wary.

Cake-Batter-Flavored Chapstick? GROSS.


• It’s moving day! Hopefully it all goes smoothly. Maybe the boxes will turn out to be so organized that they practically unpack themselves. Maybe Past Deb had mercy on Future Deb. Maybe I will find a big bag of money in one of them. Fingers crossed, people.

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