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Construction Geek Pet Peeve and Related Complaining

After being house-less for 16 months, I am practically vibrating with plans for decorating the new house. 

Soon you will be inundated with all sorts of posts where I wax poetic about being reunited with my stuff. I can practically see the eyerolling from here, “yes, Deb, that is a truly wonderful skillet, now shut UP already. Don’t you need to homeschool math or something?”

Naturally, all this nesting instinct has necessitated many hours on Pinterest, where I have been pinning ideas like crazy, whether they are relevant to me or not. This one, called “Storage Between the Studs” or something, and which I have seen in various, um, variations, is slightly annoying:


Listen up, people. That thing is lovely and practical and very nice and all, but you can’t just go hacking into your walls all willy nilly and create that. Studs are 16″ from center to center. That means that there is around 14 1/2″ between two studs. This china cabinet is clearly wider than 14″ (and it looks to me like it’s deeper than 4″, but that’s another conversation).

That’s not to say a recessed cabinet couldn’t be created, but if you are going to remove studs, please make sure you are not hacking up a load-bearing wall, otherwise you are going to need a header above the opening. You know. To hold up your roof and stuff. And probably making any structural changes to your house requires a permit. Furthermore, if you DO hack open your walls (and miraculously miss any plumbing or wiring), the back side of your opening is going to be sheetrock, and that will have to be beefed up too (which they did in the picture, I’m just saying).

I suggest a carpenter.

There you go. Snarky, condescending, remodeling advice: Just another service I offer.