Fashion Wrap Up

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We watched part of The Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Here’s the thing. All these people have stylists, and have been refining their Grammy outfits for probably weeks.

They are all styled to within an inch of their lives, a realization that heightened the ridiculousness when I, erm, realized it.


Johhny Depp

Okay. We’ve got the scarf and the three necklaces and the moody blue glasses, and I really love the random coin things on the chain on your belt loop, but we’ve GOT to come to a decision on the hanky in your pocket. Blue? Really? Is that gangsta enough? I don’t know….


The Guy with the Two Hats

Frank Ocean looks unsure of himself because he forgot to wear two hats and now he feels stupid.


Banana Yellow Suit

So we’ve nailed down banana yellow for your suit, but something’s missing…something…
what else….we need…HEADBAND!


LL Cool J 2

Lookit. Ladies Love Cool James and I’m one of them, but please, I’m begging you,

Ooh, or, OR! just take your shirt off and then I won’t notice.


Tattoo Guy

Whatever the hell this is.

I didn’t understand Jack White at all, his music or anything else. He had an all-girl band wearing long, sparkly, sister-wife-ish dresses and playing the rock & roll version of RiverDance. And he wore an old Elvis costume with jeweled peacock feathers. I regret bitterly not being able to find a picture.

I don’t have anything bad to say about Justin Timberlake. He’s pretty and he brought sexy back.

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