Random Monday – Whiny Edition

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• We are moving one week from today.

I am finding this stressful. All day, every day, little thoughts ping around in my head – “don’t forget to file the taxes” “don’t forget the intent to homeschool letter” “get the mail forwarded” “don’t spend any money!”

It’s exhausting.

• My mother-in-law decided that the week before we are going to move and while we are in cramped temporary housing trying to organize the aforementioned move would be a good time to visit.

I could write a whole, long, whiny post about the last 4 days. A LONG post. But I won’t. Because Jim.

(see that? don’t say I never did nothing for you, sweetie)

• I discovered Craig’s List. I’ve never bought anything on Craig’s List before and I have clearly been missing out. There’s a TON of stuff out there! It’s all very exciting, because we need to furnish a house on like, four dollars. I am waiting for a guy to call me back about a gorgeous, mid-century, solid pecan bed frame for Big right now.

• Speaking of bed frames, I have a plan to make my own king-sized bed frame for Jim and I. I drew a sketch and everything. I vacillate between thinking it will be cool and envy-inducing, and thinking it will be 900 pounds and hideous. Who know? It’s all an adventure at my house, people.

• I am a chronic DIYer. I can’t help myself. In our last house (which was built in 1979), we had a GIANT brick fireplace. It was eleven feet wide and over six feet tall. It was an eyesore. A big, giant, eyesore. Jim wouldn’t let me paint it, because he did not understand that painted brick would have been WAY LESS UGLY than that behemoth.

Jim won that one. Make a note.

I got this idea that at least we could shorten it a little, and put a new wooden mantel on the top.

So one weekend, we got some hammers and drop cloths and started chipping away at the bricks. We chipped and chipped and chipped… everything was going along just fine until we chipped one more row off and suddenly we could see the backyard from inside the house.

Home renovation!

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up your own Randomness below! Feel free to whine!