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After I announced (announced! what am I, Beyoncé?) that we were going back to Colorado to settle down, Kristy asked –

Why Colorado? Just because that’s where your stuff is? And where you are familiar with? If I were you, I’d be taking this opportunity to move somewhere that I’ve always wanted to live…which would be someplace warm and near a beach.

Yeah, I know. I kind of thought we’d find someplace better. But we didn’t come across any place that really made us want to settle down.

Colorado IS familiar, and the people I am closest to in real life are there. I miss my best friend and my knitting friends SO MUCH. I guess I didn’t realize how deep our roots are in Colorado until we left. I understand the politics and the weather and the geography and the cost of living…. Somehow, after all this, familiar sounds pretty good. I don’t want to start over somewhere new.

We loved The Adventure. Now that we know we can travel while Jim works and we do schoolwork AND that we can do it less expensively than a traditional vacation, we are still planning on visiting new places – just with a home base to come back to when we are done.

I am a little nervous about renting a house, though. (Did I tell you that? We’ve decided to rent for a while, not the least reason being we can’t live in a hotel and look for a house to buy without going completely mad and also broke.)

We haven’t rented in years, and watching too many news stories has me paranoid. What if we get a house infested with fleas? Or bedbugs? Or meth-cooking fumes?

Or what if we rent a house that’s being foreclosed on the the sheriff shows up one day and throws all our stuff out on the lawn?

Or what if all the houses have hideous carpet and mountains of dog poo in the backyard?

Worrying: It’s my superpower.

Luckily, I have an IKEA catalog to distract me.