Well. It’s 2013.

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New Year2

Here we are AGAIN at another new year. I swear, they come around faster and faster these days.

It’s because I’m old. I’ve moved right past repeating things my mother said and am now channeling my grandmother.


I don’t really do resolutions, because they seem so big and final and loooooming. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow with some list yelling at me like a drill sergeant, “Get up earlier! Cook better, eat better, be a better mother, be a better teacher! STOOOOP SUUUUUUCKING!”

I’m better at vague, goal-ish looking things. You know – things that don’t beat you over the head with failure if you forget, but you can still feel a sense of satisfaction if you do get around to them.

(Oh look, my goal in 2011 was to get rid of stuff. Bwahahaha! That’s funny, yo. Went a little extreme, there.)

So my goal-ish things for 2013 are:

1) Take vitamins more often than never

2) Actually use the skin care products I keep spending money on.

That’s it. I briefly considered vowing to floss every day, but come on. I’d fail on day three. Probably I should try to get more sleep too, but I think Bravo is filming The Real Housewives of Santa Barbara, so I can’t commit to that right now.

What do you think? Is it too much?┬áIf I don’t succeed, next year I’ll try reverse-psychology on myself. Like, resolving to wear pajamas all day and eat chocolate for breakfast. Would that guarantee I shower at 7am, then eat yogurt with chia seeds? Perhaps.

New Year