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• I got a great spam comment the other day – “I used to be able to find good info from your blog articles.” 

Sorry, Dunhill Cigarette Spambot, it’s hard to find good stuff nowadays. I’ll try harder.

• I keep getting Groupon offers for Hair Removal Services. It’s kind of annoying. I DO NOT HAVE A BEARD, PEOPLE.

• This is a great post, simplifying the thought process when you wonder How Much Stuff Should You Own.

• The other day, Jim was outside starting the car in Wyoming or someplace (it was SO COLD), and the kids were waving to him through the window. I said “if Daddy comments that he waved to you, just say you don’t know what he’s talking about. That he must have been waving to some other kids.” Little’s lip started quivering and she goes, “you mean we’re going to LIE to DADDY?”

• We are now ensconced in a vacation rental here in Colorado (Colorado! Land of Bloody Noses and Lotion by the Gallon), while we wait to either be approved to rent the house we like best or rejected and have to start this whole thing over again. This is our 11th house in 15 months. No wonder we are getting tired of schlepping all our stuff around. That is a lot of moving!

• This: Want to tell the State to Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids.

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All Right. We’re Here.

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Is that too dramatic? Sorry. I haven’t had a cookie in like, 5 days.

In no particular order:

• I saw a fence made out of bowling balls in Idaho. It was cuter than it sounds.

• Due to my compulsive and over-achieving planning, we did not eat ONE SINGLE MEAL out during the whole three day trip. That’s right. I am a snack-wielding rock star. I made about 3 pounds of meatballs, which I served with cubes of cheese and apples for lunches. For dinners, we had homemade chicken soup and spaghetti sauce that I made in advance and froze. I made the noodles separately and stored them in a gallon ziploc baggie. A box of plastic spoons and some paper bowls saved us a ton of money.

There was one night when we didn’t have a microwave in our room, and I had to heat everything up in the free breakfast area, and it was a little embarrassing. You know what I tell myself when I am nervous or insecure or shy? That it doesn’t matter if I look stupid because I will probably never see these people again. It’s surprisingly helpful.

Maybe what’s surprising is how often I have to tell myself that.

• We finally got to Colorado on Wednesday night. First of all, house hunting is not as fun as it sounds. I have a new appreciation for realtors. Especially the one who had to show us approximately 98 houses before we actually bought one (not an exaggeration. I pity any realtor who has to work with me.)

• House hunting = driving by a million potential houses and calling the ones we actually wanted to see. So. Awful.

(spoiler alert: this is the whining portion of the event)

We had an appointment at one house that seemed promising, until the property manager called to reschedule because the current tenants could not get home in time to get their dog out of the house, and it was one of those little yappy dogs that pees on the carpet when it gets nervous. Yappy Pissy House? No thank you.

• We found a house that we really like with an actual yard and in a good neighborhood. It’s above the budget cap that we had previously designated, so I fully anticipate turning into one of those people who makes furniture out of pallets and who posts tips like “1001 Cheap Pinto Bean Recipes.” Stay tuned.

So far we’ve only filled out the application, so hopefully we are deemed acceptable to live there. I irrationally find the application process annoying. Like, WHY do you need all these details when I am standing here practically exuding awesomeness and reliability?

• Complaining on Twitter is what kept me sane, especially on Thursday night when I just wanted to crawl in (the not mine) bed and cry.

Twitter is my therapy. Complaining is my cardio.

I’m all about self-improvement, people. Obviously.

Random Monday

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• Last week, in a move that is completely uncharacteristic of me, I tweeted a television star.

And then he re-tweeted my tweet.

And now I am pretty sure I’m practically famous.

• Here is a huge list of FREE resources so you can homeschool for FREE. And did I mention all this stuff is FREE? (hat tip Tressa)

Lookie, Math-U-See has a drills page! How did I not know that?

• Speaking of Awesome Free Stuff, I downloaded Seterra the other day. It’s a free map quiz, and it is TERRIFIC. We all spent several hours playing, and Big went from knowing zero Canadian provinces to knowing all of them in an evening. Of course, we will need a lot of review to make sure it sticks, but hey – it’s a start.

• We are driving from Oregon back to Colorado today! This is the actual house we’ve been staying in for anyone interested. It’s been great, right across the street from the beach. And no – we did not pay that much. Not anywhere NEAR that much.

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Stream of Consciousness

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I haven’t been here since Monday, but I don’t have anything to write about. How boring. We are in the throes of packing and cleaning and getting ready to go back to Colorado on next week. Cleaning and packing is SO tedious. I want to clean enough to get my deposit back, but I’m not trying to deep clean another person’s house either, if you know what I mean. Just finding all the Legos is a such a thing. I mostly want Jim to chuck it all in the trailer while I play Angry Birds, and sorting it can be Future Deb’s problem.

I am going to regret relying so heavily on the motivation of Future Deb.

Oregon 2

I spent today looking at rental houses online, and making appointments for showings, so with any luck we’ll actually be living someplace in a little over a week. I am looking forward to being reunited with all my stuff. My Kitchen Aid, for example. Big said he didn’t even remember what he had in storage and I said, “Well, then it will be fun to rediscover everything, like Christmas!” And he burst into tears. It took me 20 weepy minutes to pry out of him that he is sad to stop Adventuring and also happy to settle down and have his own room again. I guess I forgot when you are eight you aren’t accustomed to co-existing with constantly conflicting feelings like regular people grown ups. He kept swiping away his tears angrily, and turning away from me so I wouldn’t see him cry.  *sigh*   My heart twisted and I got all teary too.

Later, I asked Little how she was doing, and she said, sing-songy, “We-eeellll, I’m kind of sad to be stopping the Adventure, but I’m also happy to be going back home.” She’s my easy child.

On the other hand, she swallowed a Lego today, and Big’s never done that.


Anyway. That’s all. Just checking in. I have to go watch Wipe-Out with the kids, and then after they go to bed, Jim is going to badger me into packing something. Boo.

Speaking of badgers, there is something living in the ceiling of the dining room. I hope it stays up there until after we leave. It waits until I am alone watching The Real Housewives at midnight, and then starts gnawing on the ceiling joists. One of my Twitter pals suggested I shoot it, but I think that might interfere with getting my deposit back.

Happy Weekend, y’all! See you soon!