Nailed It or Failed It: The Great Pinterest Challenge

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It’s that time again! My Twitter pals and I have chosen a project from Pinterest to blog about.

This month I chose something a little more challenging than the Magic Eraser Toilet Cleaning Experiment or the Homemade Shaving Cream Fiasco.

This month I chose the Honey Cowl.


The Honey Cowl is a free pattern by the amazing yarn manufacturer Madelinetosh. Here’s the Ravelry link, where you can see almost NINE THOUSAND other Honey Cowls.

Here I am feeling like an idiot for taking pictures of myself.

does this smile look fake? it feels fake. this is dumb. how do people DO this? 

Here I am realizing that the cowl is basically inside out and the previous 8 million pictures don’t even show the pattern stitch –

see that line between my eyebrows? I’d botox the crap out of that if Jim would let me

Here I am getting distracted by all the gray stripes in my hair –

yes, I am really that pasty.  

Honey Cowl for the WIN! Totally Nailed It.




Miscellaneous Pattern Notes:

I used Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Flash Dance held double for the Honey Cowl. I cast on with 32″ size 9s, knit a row, then switched to 8s and continued the pattern. I only knit it about 8 inches wide, because I am not sure how much fabric my mother-in-law will want around her neck. I didn’t block it, because I think it’s perfect the way it is. I love the rolling edges and didn’t see any reason to wrestle with them. At the end, I switched to 9s, knit one row, and cast off using the Stretchy Bind Off.

This pattern was super easy, super pretty, and I think it’s a fun knit as well. Holding the yarn double really added to the depth of the color, and the Tosh Merino Light has a gorgeous sheen to it. It was great tv knitting, and went relatively quickly.


Check out my Twitter pals and see how their projects turned out!