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This Monday is not so Random after all, because it’s The One Where Little Turned Six.


• We went to the beach in the morning at Low Tide, when it’s best to go if you want to harass the starfish. Little wore her new PonyTail Hat that I knit.

adorbs, yes? this yarn, pattern I made up as I went along

• The ocean was wild from the storms. It was great.

we got rained on. soaked, actually

• When we got home, I made chocolate cupcakes (from scratch!), and molded ladybugs out of marzipan and gel food coloring.

my thumb is still red

• We went back to the beach at High Tide, because if Low Tide was awesome, High Tide would be spectacular.

And it was.

we stood on the bluff, well out of the way of the sea. Nervous Nelly Deb is not stupid

• Then we went back home and ate cupcakes.

the sprinkles represent aphids, which I was instructed to provide. just go with it

• We had presents, shown here in my Fabulous Wrapping Technique (patent pending).

what? I think wrapping paper is a waste of money

• I gave my darling three Lego Alien Queens, which I found after squeezing and fondling every. single. Lego Miniseries 7 packet in a two-city radius.

I may or may not have gotten the side-eye from an eleven year old boy or two

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up with your own randomness below!