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• All right, people. This is it. The last day of 2012. If you were going to clean out that closet or lose twenty pounds this year, you’d better get to it.

The years fly, don’t they? How is it 2013 already? Wasn’t 1990 only, like, ten years ago? When I was a kid, I used to think I would be lucky to live long enough to see the turn of the century.  **snort**

• I still find Penelope Trunk interesting. I love this post in particular – It’s a Myth that School is Good for Socialization.

• Speaking of school and homeschooling, here’s a terrific post from my friend Eddie at The Usual Mayhem if anyone out there is considering taking the leap and pulling their kids out of school – To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool.

• Karen at Candid Diversions shared a link to this quiz on Saturday and I’m stealing borrowing sharing it – 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know. I only scored an 80%. Disappointing. I missed at least two because I didn’t read all the choices carefully enough. Plus also I had not had any coffee yet. Plus also my kids were all up in my grill. Plus some other excuses I’ll think of in a minute. How did you do?

• While I do love The Real Housewives of Anywhere, rest assured that I will not stoop to watching the new abomination offered by Oxygen, featuring some rapper and his TEN, count ’em, TEN baby mamas.  I just can’t even…it’s beyond…just gross.

• I am, however, very happy that the best show ever, Justified is back, because Timothy Olyphant.

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Cat Nipple Pasties


It’s good the cats aren’t smiling. That would just be weird.

Merry-Merry, People!

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I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends, eating as many cookies as humanly possible.


Random Monday

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• Little has developed this new thing where whenever I serve chicken at dinner, she looks at her plate and boks mournfully. Weirdo. I hope she does not progress to mooing or oinking.

• Jim took the kids shopping over the weekend, ostensibly to buy presents for me. I texted them that money was no object and to stay out buying me stuff as long as necessary. I got this in response –

Jim thinks he’s funny.

Jim is mistaken.

Jim is going to have a big problem if that shows up under the tree.

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