Wrap Up, Weeks 8 – 12…ish?

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Weeks 8 and 9:

We drove from  Michigan to Colorado. We drove from Colorado to Oregon.

Actually, you know what? I just realize that I can’t count these as school weeks, because we didn’t do any school.

Brilliant, that’s what I am.

Weeks 10 and 11 8 and 9:

Feeling the pressure, man. People can’t just not do schoolwork for weeks on end.

Big is working through Second Grade Math with a surprisingly better attitude. After two weeks with no practice, he had a rough start back, at one point telling me that 8+7 = 11, which I am reasonably sure is not correct. However, after I told him I was going to start printing extra practice sheets off the internet if he didn’t get it together, he took the Chapter 5 test and only missed one. Chapter 6 was review-ish, so I let him test out of the bookwork (teaching autonomy fist pump), and we are now in Chapter 8 trying to master carrying the 1.

Although… how to form letters and numbers is apparently up for discussion again. I can’t even. It’s so annoying. Do you know how long I have been dealing with this nonsense? YOU MUST MAKE YOUR SIX IN THIS CERTAIN WAY OR IT’S NOT A SIX.


He is SO stubborn. The only way to win is to out-stubborn him. It’s exhausting. And over something stupid like handwriting! It’s not even a satisfying victory! And then he wants to know why he has to work longer than his sister. Because she did FOUR chapters of geography while you argued against hundreds of years of numeral symbology? Maybe? No, probably not.

After that, he segues into his next massive waste of time position, which is a vehement condemnation of sitting properly and angling his paper properly, which I’ve suggested might help prevent hand fatigue.

AND THEN he wants to know why I have to lie down in a dark room with a cold cloth over my eyes.

Honestly. Little turd.

At the beginning of week nine, I had a Math Epiphany, wherein I realized that nine goes into thirty-six nicely, and we were one-quarter through the school year.

So I went through all the books, marked the 1/4 point, and began driving the kids like they were oxen headed West coaxing the kids to get some work done.

At the quarter point of the school year:

Big has done a quarter of Geography, Science, and Vocabulary. Sure, he did most of that this week due to the oxen-driving, but whatever.

We are on Day 18 of Grammar. *sigh*

He’s done 8 (out of 30) chapters in Math. I’ll take it.

Little has completed ALL of her Geography and a huge chunk of Science. She just sits down and works quietly while Big argues against the Tyranny of Writing Conventions, and manages to do massive amounts of work. I keep warning Big that she’s going to catch up to him one of these days. She is over a third of the way through the Phonics I have planned for this year, and is half-finished with Math – even though she drags her feet on it. She has a lovely, sweet attitude about school which I am savoring and hoping lasts.

She also knows all the answers when I am working with Big. On Tuesday, I was explaining his word problems to him, and I could hear her tiny voice saying all the answers under her breath.

Learning by Osmosis: It happens.

I have fallen down severely with All About Spelling and reading aloud. Poor Paddle-to-the-Sea is still stuck in Lake Superior. Oh well. I’ve decided to leave that for January Deb. December Deb would rather make cookies and watch The Grinch.

How are you all doing? I hope your school year is going well, peeps.