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beautiful Oregon sunset. yes, it really looked like this.

• Thanksgiving! How was it? I hope everyone had a good weekend with lots of pie and minimal family drama.

• Did you shop the Black Friday sales? What’d you get? Here in the wilds of Oregon there is not a lot of shopping, which is just as well, since all the commercials and One Day Only! coupons definitely would have had me on a 24 hour binge. What was your biggest score? Tell me, so I can feel the thrill of the kill vicariously.

• Every day for the last week, Big hollers down the stairs, “By the way! It’s raining!”

On the 8th day, I rolled my eyes and hollered back, “By the way, we’re in OREGON.”


• Speaking of homeschooling, I really must insist that everyone go read one of my favorite bloggers, Grit. She’s British. There’s extra cachet in having imaginary friends from other countries, don’t you think? I’m international that way. Check out this post, this one, and maybe this one, for starters.

• I got my hair cut last week, and also asked for a little brow-and-lip wax. When the girl was finished waxing, she asked me if I wanted her to get my chin while she was at it.

And then I died.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up your own Randomness below! Please. I need to take my mind off this Chin Situation.