Random Monday – Pinterest Edition

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• I love Pinterest. I do. But I find that Sarcastic Deb chimes in a lot when I am surfing Pinterest. She has a lot of opinions, and she’s kind of snotty.

• For example, all these projects that call for making furniture out of pallets. Where do you acquire pallets? Where do you find decent ones that aren’t all mangled and broken? Making furniture out of pallets will be dirt cheap until the instant I go to Home Depot and then they’ll inform me that pallets are $100 each.

Side Rant: My personal style is sort of Mid-Century Modern meets Rustic Minimalism, if that’s a thing. I love a lot of mid-century furniture. Mad Men has ruined this for me, because now all the really cool stuff isn’t sold at thrift stores anymore, it’s at “antique stores” and it costs a mint. Thanks a lot, television.

• Also, what are all these little bird jokes I see all over Pinterest? “Mustaches are the new ‘put a bird on it.'”  What is Put a Bird on it? Was that some kind of design trend thing and I missed it? I don’t have any birds. Or mustaches. Well, I have a mustache, but I wax it. Shut up.

• How about this idea that you scent your toilet paper rolls with essential oil? Listen, at my house we have 4 people who are all here, all day. We got through at least a roll of tp a day. It irks me enough to spend money on something whose sole purpose is to be thrown away, I certainly don’t have time to SCENT MY TOILET PAPER EVERY DAY.

Gah. I am 41 years old, you know.

• Or pins that suggest making your own paint out of flour and cornstarch and water. I even saw one called Potato Paint. Made with MASHED POTATOES. You know what smearing mashed potatoes all over your walls sounds like to me? A dinner invitation to every bug in the vicinity of your house.

• I saw a pin saying you could make an ottoman if you upholstered a styrofoam cooler.


How is that even remotely practical? It’s an ottoman you can’t actually put your feet on, no one can sit on it, and if you have any other humans in your house, it will get completely wrecked inside 15 minutes. And then you will cry, because UPHOLSTERING STYROFOAM sounds time-consuming.

• How about making an American Girl closet out of old cereal boxes? I don’t know what kind of children other people have, but mine aren’t the variety that can play with anything made of cardboard without annihilating it. Heed my words, people: covering up a cereal box in fancy wrapping paper and pretending it’s American Girl furniture will only lead to heartache for all parties.

Don’t even get me started on these ideas that require me to save hundreds of toilet paper tubes for months before they can be crafted into something that will STILL BE CARDBOARD when you are finished.

• Speaking of Pinterest, how do they make any money? They must be spending a FORTUNE on servers and hosting, but how are they paying for it? Pinterest doesn’t have ads. And we all use it and pin stuff and link to pins for free. Are they sinking a ton of money into it in the hopes that it will be acquired by Google (who will then ruin it) for ten million dollars? What do you think? I’m serious. I want to know.

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