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Me: Let’s do some schoolwork.

Big: Okay, but I am not doing any grammar!

Me: Why not?

Big: Because I hate it!

Me: Come over here and let’s talk about it. If you can convince me you don’t need Grammar, then I will let you skip it. What is your first argument?

Big: I don’t like it.

Me: We all know that is not a good enough reason. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom. Next?

Big: I already know everything.

Me: Then it should be easy and present no problem and therefore your argument does not carry enough weight. Next?

Big: I don’t see the point.

Me: Someday you will need to write something down to get your point across to someone. It is distracting and confusing for your reader if you don’t know which words to capitalize or where to put commas. If you are going to all the trouble to write something down, you want your audience to understand what you are getting at. Got anything else?

We did 7 pages of Grammar that day.

And yes, I am ridiculously smug that I out-argued my 7 year old. He convinces me to come around to his way of thinking quite often. This article made a big impression on me many years ago.