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School IS Prison, So Why Not Use Tracking Devices? from the always-interesting Freedom to Learn Blog.

“The opening of schools in San Antonio this fall brought a flurry of news reports about the new ID badges with RF chips, which allow school officials to monitor students’ movements.”

I first read about this on Homeschool & Etc., and have been meaning to bring it up ever since. I personally find this to be an ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION. I don’t understand all these parents who go along with this stuff. What’s next? All the kids must wear red scarves and report on those who don’t?

Let’s discuss.

Every time I hear about some new intrusion like this, I’m reminded of the old Frog in Boiling Water analogy.

“aaahh… the water is getting warmer…how pleasant…perhaps I’ll drift off to sleep…”

I told Jim the other night that I would rather my kids went uneducated entirely than attend a public school.

And I meant it.