Random Monday – Traveling Edition

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• Last week we traveled from Michigan to Colorado. It was a loooooong drive. Long and grouchy. Imagine you are locked in a tin can with your family for 5 days. And they are bored and hungry and vocal about it. And on one of the days, your husband wants to visit your in-laws. In Kansas. Are you grouchy? I am.

And, AND! The minute we got there and Big met Jim’s aunt and uncle for the first time, he whipped out his new curse words by telling the story of “beating the crap” out of the leaves for our craft project the other day.

• As we were leaving Michigan, we saw a store on the side of the road called Butt Stop. They sold cigarettes (one hopes).

• In Indiana, it was dark and rainy and as I turned onto the road back to the hotel, I accidentally cut off some guy who was driving a crappy car with only one dim headlight. I didn’t even see him. He saw me, though, and immediately swerved behind me as I changed lanes. I thought it was a kid with a piece of crap car and a road rage issue, and flipped a u-turn in the next intersection.

Not a kid.

A cop.

So that happened. When he told me that I had cut him off when I pulled into traffic, I blurted, “oh, was that YOU? I didn’t even see you with only one headlight on!”

Because of course I did.

Anyway. He let me go, which is an anti-climactic ending to the story. Thank goodness.

• Also in Indiana, we saw a Fry’s off the interstate and Jim practically started pawing at the window until I turned in. I think he had a religious experience in there. It was strange, seeing him among his own kind. Nerds in the Mist.

• On Sunday, if I had a kingdom, I would have pledged it for a clean public bathroom. It occurred to me that maybe we should pull an RV, just for the private bathroom. The bathrooms have been so disgusting, I can’t even tell you. I was tempted more than once to take pictures so I could show you the disgustingness and you could all commiserate with me. And then I wondered if I should create a whole new blog: Bathrooms Across America, and document the horror. Do you think anyone would read that? Probably only unsavory people. I guess I won’t do it. Someone will one day, though. Mark my words. They’ll make a zillion dollars selling ads and grow some amazing toilet empire. Like the Pioneer Woman of Porcelain.

• I was nominated for Funniest Homeschool Blog and Best Nitty Gritty Homeschool Blog! How exciting! Thank you SO MUCH to whomever nominated me, and I SWEAR the check is in the mail! Also, maybe go vote if it’s not too much trouble. No pressure, though.

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