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Scene: Dinner time

Big: Why did you stir my stew into my noodles?

Me: I don’t know. Because I am the worst mommy in the whole entire world?


Scene: Dinner time

Little, inspecting her fork with interest: I wish we could get real silverware sporks. They are so fancy.


Scene – Saturday morning, 9:30 am**. My darkened bedroom.

Little bangs open the door. “Mama? Can I cuddle?”

I mumble, “Sure, baby.”

She closes the door and leaves.

Bleary-eyed and struggling for understanding, I say to the now empty room, “Wait, where’d you go? I thought you wanted to cuddle?”

She opens the door and peeks around, “I didn’t mean right NOW.”

**Yes, I was sleeping in. That’s not germane to the story. Plus, I have jet lag from being on stupid Eastern Time. Get off my back.