O Canada

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So here’s something – you can’t just waltz into Canada without a passport anymore.

On Sunday, which was our last weekend day in Michigan before we head back to Colorado for a couple of days to vote, we decided on the spur of the moment to run up to Canada, eat some lunch, and get some weird Canadian money.

I may have told my kids that Canadians are very much like Americans, except they have three eyes and that I don’t want them to be rude and stare.

(I love Canadians. I have very warm feelings for Canadians. Don’t be offended. I like to harass my kids. They are gullible.)

At the border, the not-unattractive Border Agent asked for our passports. I said, “oh. I don’t have one, all I have is an American Driver’s License,” and he’s all, “what about your birth certificate?” and I said, “I keep those at home in a safe-deposit box like a normal person” except without that last part. Who carries around their birth certificate?

Anyway, he let us in eventually, after I assured him that I had been to Canada before and hadn’t started hardly any international incidents. I also promised to only darken Canada’s doorstep for only two hours.

We discovered there are ZERO businesses open on Sunday in Sault Ste. Marie.

We found a Wendy’s, had some “oh my gosh mom, Canadian food tastes GOOD” chicken strips, hit the duty-free store, and headed back home.

The American Border Agent raised his eyebrows when I told him we didn’t have passports. I explained that The Other Guy had let us in without them, but I could see that wasn’t the right answer. I copped to being born in California, remembered my date of birth, and rolled down the windows so he could peer at my children. I mentally reviewed everything I know about American football, and was preparing to disavow any knowledge of hockey when he decided to let us in.

The minute we got back in the country, Big accused me of lying about the three eyes.

But the Border Agent had not removed his sunglasses. So who knows?

9 Responses to “O Canada”

  1. Kristy Says:

    I am surprised that they let you in without passports. I had heard that it was the rule now. I am a regular international traveler, you know. That’s our wonderful border security hard at work.

    I hadn’t heard about the 3-eyed Canadians! Interesting.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..The Hangout

  2. Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca Says:

    I — like many Canadians — have 3 eyes and I don’t appreciate your scorn, FOREIGNER!
    Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca´s last blog post ..Warp Speed Wednesday: My Son Is a Trekkie.

  3. Connie Weiss Says:

    It makes me sad that you can’t just drive into Canada anymore. I used to do it often.
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..Are You Watching Nashville?

  4. Karen Says:

    You are too funny Deb. I miss you when I am gone too long. I don’t know..I think that SOME Canadians may have 3 eyes. 🙂 Cracking up at Nan’s comment. Nice to know Canadian Wendy’s taste better than American Wendy’s. 🙂
    Karen´s last blog post ..Faith, Filming, Fright and Friends…

  5. Eddie Says:

    I have to photoshop out the third eyes every time I make a post post. Tell your kids.

    Also, I would like to point out that although Quebec is strange in many different ways, everything’s open on Sunday AND you can buy beer and wine at the corner store.
    Eddie´s last blog post ..Wormy Wednesday week 4!

  6. Shayne Says:

    Also a Canadian and I agree- the photoshopping required for that third eye is a pain in the neck!

    I think the passport thing is because the USA isn’t supposed to let you back ‘in’ unless you have a passport, so if you go into Canada without one you might have to stay here… and you would kind of stick out with only two eyes.

    Love, love, love your blog- lurk daily, write never until now 🙂

  7. Meghan Says:

    I’ve never had such a hard time at an international border crossing as going from Canada to the U.S., and I had my passport! The U.S. border agent didn’t want to let me back in because I had done too much travel. (My passport was nine years old at that point, so it had a lot of stamps in it.) I had to go through additional questioning. Ridiculous! It made me so mad thinking I might not get back into my own country. Apparently, I’m still in a huff over it.
    Meghan´s last blog post ..Six Months

  8. Karen@Candid Diversions Says:

    My mom & dad have to be in Detroit at the end of the month. They were talking about driving over into Windsor before they realized a)you have to have passports now and b)my mom’s passport expired years ago.

    I was all, “What? How can you not have a passport?! I have a passport. It’s the responsible thing to do.”

    Mom: “You have a passport because you took a fancy trip to England.”

    Me: “That’s right. I did. I have a passport because I went to England but I could also go to Canada, should I so choose. You, alas, cannot even go to Canada.”

    I am wicked, that is all.
    Karen@Candid Diversions´s last blog post ..Five Question Friday

  9. maysdays Says:

    On my first-ever trip up to Canada from Buffalo one evening to go imbibe legally, as I went through the border check, you know, you roll down your window, and the guy asks, “Citizenship?”. And I seriously and politely told him, “No, thank you.”

    What did I know??