Wrap Up: Weeks 6 and 7

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Week 6

I am drawing a complete blank. I know we did stuff last week, but that was like, 13 days ago, and apparently beyond my ability to recall. Sometimes the only way I know anything happened is if I took pictures.

I checked my Picture file, but realized I hadn’t downloaded them in a couple of weeks, so then I decided to do that and then I couldn’t find the cords, and then when I was looking, I saw the Kindle cord and remembered it needed to be charged and then after I finally found the camera cord and downloaded the pics, I noticed that I should really organize my pictures better and get them out of the Raw folder, so I did that, and then I started Google chatting with a friend, and then I remembered that I was writing this post. Elapsed time: 3 hours and 40 minutes. As you can see, I am right on top of things.

To recap: We did some stuff. I just can’t remember any of it.

As long as I am confessing to my shortcomings, you may as well know that some days the only reason I can tear myself away from the internet and do school is so I’ll have something to write about here and my true lameness will remain hidden for another week. I see that I have failed along the way somewhere.

Week 7

Week 7 was emotional. We had math crises (crisises? crisis’? crisiseseses?), handwriting crises, teeth-losing crises, and not-enough-playing-outside crises. I realize my children are little, and their problems are little, but I’m still wrung out after 2 hours of “I can’t doooooo thisssssss!” drama. In fact, while I was writing this post, both of my kids managed to have breakdowns.

Then I spent some time thinking about what school would be like for them. My kids get discouraged and cry. I don’t remember my classmates doing that, though. What do kids in school do when they’re upset they can’t make a proper 9 and their mommy isn’t there to scoop them up and comfort them? Do kids in public school become experts at stifling their feelings, or are my kids weenies? Is it a good skill for a 7 year old to have, keeping a stiff upper lip? Or is it sad?

There is a fine line between keeping them from getting too discouraged and saying “no, I’m sorry, this is not good enough,” and I struggle to find it every day.

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing over here.


I have no schedule, so we are just working through our various books. I have a mental picture of where we are now, and where we need to be in June, and so far it’s working out. It’s surprising, really. I have way less anxiety without a written schedule telling me what to do all day. If Little wants to do 2 chapters of geography in a sitting and skip science altogether, I’m fine with it.

It’s very weird and not like me at all. When I’m not agonizing over abstract ideas, I am pleased with our progress.