Battle of the Wills

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My son bet me this morning that he could stay away from his Legos longer than I could stay away from my computer. He gave me a 5-minute reprieve to write this.

He even set the timer.

So far it has been three hours. He is determined to make it to bedtime.



Update: I initiated a truce at 3pm. He looked so bereft. Plus I missed all the people who live in my computer (and my phone, which he cleverly also banned me from).

On the plus side, I read half a Nora Roberts book and we did a ton of school.

When he agreed we could each be satisfied with our efforts and call a halt to the contest if I would still make Baked Ziti for dinner, Little burst into tears, grabbed him in a neck strangling hug and sobbed, “I missed you so much, Big-Big!”