Wrap-Up: Weeks 4 and 5

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Week 4

Due to my “something out of the ordinary happened for a few minutes this week, now my whole schedule is off” disorder, we only did formal schoolwork on Thursday and Friday.  Go me. Nevertheless, Big managed to finish a chapter and a half in Math-U-See and take two tests.

One more chapter to go.

One more.

Little charged happily along in Evan-Moor Daily Geography and Science, and in Explode the Code Book 1. She is turning into a very good reader, but she doesn’t seem to realize it. I fret about how to bring her confidence level up. Probably by the time I figure out what to do, she will be a capable and self-assured reader and throw some new challenge at me to worry about.

Dadgum ever-changing kids.

We set aside The Little House in the Big Woods for a few days, and started Paddle-to-the-Sea, another Holling C. Holling book.

On Saturday, we went for a drive through Michigan’s famous Tree Tunnel. It was glorious.

We ate a really delicious crepe out of a food truck sitting in a wide spot on the road. We found an organic farm and wandered around for a couple of hours; we bought some farm-fresh honey, sour cherry jam, and 4 tiny pumpkins. We ate a pizza dinner in a town so cute, it made my teeth hurt. I felt like I was in a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romcom.

It was the perfect Adventure day.

Week 5

• On Tuesday, we went on the Glass-Bottomed Boat Shipwreck Tour of Lake Superior. We have now seen 3 out of 5 Great Lakes. It was fun. We met the world’s most outgoing human and my weird unsocialized homeschoolers passed That Test with flying colors. It was Jim’s birthday, so we also went to Muldoon’s and ate one of Michigan’s Best Pasties, just like a true yooper (UP-er).

Nothing is too good for my Jim.

Michigan is pretty


The bane of my existence is no more! Big was determined to finish, and took the Final Test at 7:30 pm on Wednesday night. Jim took off work a little early and we drove in the rain to Almost-Canada (aka Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan), where the closest WalMart is located, to get his reward.

Thursday was for Legos, obviously.

On Friday I dug 2nd Grade Math out of the trailer with great optimism.

Big asked how many more math books he has to do.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him.