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• The other day Jim and I saw a commercial about video chatting, and it finally occurred to us that we should do that the next time he has to go out of town.

I know. We are on the cutting edge over here, people. It’s inspiring, isn’t it?

ANYway, I said why limit video chatting to when he’s out of town? We should set it up so that instead of sending email updates to him during the day like I do now, I could just pop up on the screen and tell him stuff. Like, for example, if the toilet needs plunging. Or there is an annoying person at the door. Or if he needs to go to Starbucks and get me a mocha.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. Jim does not.


This post at Smockity Frocks, which is pretty much exactly what I think about homeschooling, but better said.

• We were thinking of getting take-out last Friday, and I saw that the Mexican place had something called a “Wet Burrito.”

I cannot imagine anything less appealing-sounding than a “wet burrito.” Gross.

I eventually determined that it’s a burrito covered in some kind of red sauce. Not red chile, which would be acceptable, and certainly not green chile, which would be preferable but is apparently unheard of once you leave the Southwest United States; but some vaguely described red sauce. Why couldn’t they call it a smothered burrito? Covered burrito? Sauced burrito? Or even just burrito?

But no. It’s wet. And probably soggy. Yum.

• Michigan is pretty.

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