The Upper Peninsula

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We moved houses again on Monday.** We had about 12 days at the end of September that I never was able to fill, so we spent them in a last-minute house I found in Charlevoix, Michigan. The house itself was a disappointment, but the town of Charlevoix was adorable.

I thought Charlevoix was pronounced “shar-le-vwah,” which sounds fancy and french and particularly adorable coming from the tiny voice of my 5 year old. But when I was at Kmart (bastion of all things fancy), I overheard it pronounced “shar-le-voy,” which sounds like it used to be fancy and french until we rubbed a low-brow American accent all over it.

On Monday, we traveled to our current location in St. Ignace, Michigan. We paid six dollars to cross the bridge from Regular Michigan (or whatever they call it) to the Upper Peninsula.


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is breathtaking in October. Absolutely breathtaking.* I constantly incessantly graciously pointed this out to the kids as we drove up.

“You GUYS! Look! Look at those colors! Isn’t that gorgeous?”

“Oh, I think that was a dead possum. Did that look like a possum to you?”

“Another lake! Did you see the size of that house?”

“We should get a yacht. How much money do you need to own a yacht?”

“I can’t get over the scenery! Did you see that?”

The kids got exasperated at being told to look at stuff.

“I can’t see ANYthing, Mom. All these TREES are in my way.”

Jim talked about the fudge shops. Jim spent thirty-two dollars on fudge the first day we were here. I don’t know what happened. Something about Buying 3 and Getting 2 Free. The next thing I know, he’s hugging a three-pound box of fudge to his chest and smiling happily. The fudge has some kind of hold on him. He’s giddy, practically. Weirdo.

While we are here, we hope to go on the Glass-Bottomed Shipwreck Tour. How awesome does that sound? I also want to drive through the Tunnel of Trees.

* yes, I realize how lame I am, talking about the fabulous fall foliage and not having any pictures. Lame, lame, lame. I DID find more pictures of my shaving cream experiment…

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