Wrap-Up: Weeks 2 and 3

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Week Two

We moved from St. Louis to Michigan, so no school was done. That’s how I like to do it – one week of solid schoolwork, and then, you know, I need a break. Plus also, it ensures that no one will ever be envious of what a Super! Homeschooler! I am.

I slack off so you feel better.

We did visit the Cahokia Mounds on the way out of St. Louis, thanks to a suggestion from Melanie at Fairly Square. They were very interesting. If Mel hadn’t said something to me about it, we would have driven right past.

There was construction traffic all the way from Missouri to Michigan, so it took FOREVER to get here. I amused myself by cranking an oldies radio station. Jim and I were able to not only sing all of Stayin’ Alive, but dance as well. Big refused to dance and buried his head in his book. I viewed this as a sign that I had succeeded in embarrassing him. Mom for the win!

Also, we listened to Geography Songs for 125 miles in Illinois.

On Saturday, I chucked the makings for a potato clock at Jim and the kids and they put that together. Mostly I did it in an effort to get the three of them to quit pecking at me for 5 minutes, but I’m counting it because the box said “science kit.”

Week Three

I know I am taking a semi-cop-out on Science and Geography this year by using Evan-Moor Daily Workbooks, but they needn’t rub it in by embarrassing me with nonsense like question 2 –

answer the question. here is the answer to the question. 
no, don’t look further up the page! the answer is right here. here —->
right there. copy that word. nevermind, i’ll just write it in for you. GOOD JOB!

We bought Big one of those Choose-Your-Adventure books (remember those?), and before he even got two chapters into it, he decided to write his own. I showed him how to make a story outline, and he spent all week painstakingly writing the story; asking me how to spell things every 5 seconds, and even illustrating it. I was very proud of him.

We did do a tiny bit of the never-ending math, but due to too many moments of “just chuck it in a box and I’ll deal with it later,” I had to sort through every. single. thing. we own. It sucked about as much as you imagine it did.

In summation: We killed it in Week One. We did nothing in Week 2. And very little in Week 3.

See? Don’t you feel better?