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Fall television is here!

I love tv, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Well, maybe a little ashamed.

You’ll be relieved to know that I spent an hour on Tuesday morning getting our TV Viewing Schedule figured out. When we were normal people, we had a dvr and we recorded everything. Now that we are traveling, none of the houses have a dvr and some of them don’t have cable at all.


So watching television is a thing. I have to figure out what we can watch live, which is pretty much zilch (ugh. live tv blows, man. all those commercials!), what we can watch on Hulu+,and what we are willing to pay for on Amazon. We have a Roku box, so we watch most everything through that. Except Person of Interest and The Mentalist, which CBS does not make available in any alternative format because they hate me.

I have a spreadsheet. Don’t laugh. I have a spreadsheet for everything, so it’s not as lame as it sounds. Or maybe it’s more lame…whichever.

Jim is looking forward to some new show called Revolution. Apparently it’s about post-apocalyptic America? I don’t know. I can see from the description that it will probably annoy me. For one thing, while living without my iPhone would be AWFUL, there was – and I don’t think I am speaking out of turn here – a pretty big segment of history wherein people survived without electricity.

We are reading the Little House series, so I know all about it.

Probably not having a hair dryer would be pretty hard. One time I took a shower right before bed and didn’t dry my hair. When I woke up, ALL OF IT was sticking STRAIGHT UP. It was like if Elvis’s hair and Vanilla Ice’s hair had a hair baby. I came down the stairs and Big said, “mom, maybe you should go take a little shower.” I went around all morning saying, “thank you very much” in my best Elvis voice, but I was the only one who thought it was funny.

Secondly, what about wind or solar power? Also, just because all the electronics die, what about the people who know how to fix that stuff? It’s not like we woke up one day and there were satellites and microwaves and cars that can park themselves. Someone MADE them. Probably they could do it again.

Anyway. Grouchy and judgey without ever having seen the show! Just another service I offer.

Jim also makes us watch NCIS and NCIS:LA. Because he was in the Navy, so we must watch everything that is even tangentially related. And then whenever something comes on the screen that isn’t accurate, like someone is wearing their dress uniform wrong, I get to listen to him rant about it. It’s super fun.

I am looking forward to the return of The Good Wife, Community, and Scandal.

Sister Wives can come back whenever they are ready too. I want them to tell us why they want 4 houses instead of one great big house like they had before. Am I the only person who wants to know that? Polygamy is so fascinating. I don’t think I could do it, though. Unless all the other wives would do everything I said. If I could boss people around and they actually obeyed me, I might be able to make it work.

11 Responses to “TEEEEVEEEEEEEE”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I, too, am a queen of spreadsheets. In fact, it is a running joke not only at my house, but also at my office. “Do you have a spreadsheet for that?” they inquire. “Why yes, actually, I do!” I reply.

    Our similarity ends there, however, as I typically do not watch TV. That said, last night we were child-free, it was too late to start a movie, and so I wasted an hour of my life flipping back and forth between “Dance Moms Reunion” and “Love it or List it.” I just want to shoot myself.

  2. Tressa Says:

    A spreadsheet for TV, huh? I don’t have a spreadsheet for anything.

    I am so glad that TV is coming back on. We watch NCIS. I am kind of tired of it, but it is my daighter’s favorite show. I like Big Banfg Theory, The Middle, and Major Crimes. That is about it, but I have never been a big TV person.

    revolution? I believe it won’t work. They try to bring some kind of new world/end of world show every season. LOST worked, but the others they have tried, haven’t.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Random Monday

  3. chocolatechic Says:

    The girl and I have watched Revolution…it is FABULOUS!

    It has elements of Lost, Hunger Games and Year 2012 in it. We LOVE it.

    In Ohio and Indiana CBS has dropped Dish, sooooooo I’m not happy. Most of the shows I watch are on CBS. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS LA, Hawaii 5-O, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, CSI, CSI NY, The Goodwife, Mike and Molly, and last but not lease Survivor.

    Did I mention that I heart teeeveeee?!?!?! So, I have been watching all the shows they have available on CBS.com. Pain in my butt, but what can you do? That is a freakin’ lot of shows to miss.

    PS. Sister Wives…the girl and I have been wondering why they just don’t build one gargantuan house. It might save them some dollars.
    chocolatechic´s last blog post ..September 24

  4. chocolatechic Says:

    Dish didn’t drop CBS. CBS dropped Dish.
    chocolatechic´s last blog post ..September 24

  5. hi kooky Says:

    You are not alone! I, too, am enjoying this return to regular programming. My list looks a lot like “chocolatechic’s”, except with Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, RHONY, RHOMiami, and RHOBH on my list too. Shame, indeed. Also, too bad you can’t catch Person of Interest! Such a good cliffhanger! AND, I agree about the four houses on Sister Wives. Who can afford that?
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..15

  6. Lily Says:

    I used to watch a lot of tv, but not so much anymore. I’d say since we had kids, but I’m sure there were other factors. Like, they turned off our free cable and we didnt want to pay $60 a month to watch all the commercials. Big Bang Theory is the only show we watch right now, and we find it somewhere on the internet.

    I do love end of the world shows though. And spreadsheets. 🙂

    Doesn’t four separate houses put a mother almost in a single parenting role?
    Lily´s last blog post ..Marigold Organic Seeds – Calendula Officinalis – Heirloom Organic Flower / Herb Seeds

  7. Chris Tillley (@hhtales) Says:

    I joke with my wife that some women end up sport widows but I’m becoming a crime drama widower.

    I have spreadsheet for everything including our progress in homeschooling right down to percentage complete.
    Chris Tillley (@hhtales)´s last blog post ..D is for Dwarf Planet

  8. Jessica Says:

    Revolution was one I was excited about and now I think it’s kind of lame. Lost was great, Fringe was ok, but I don’t think Revolution will last long! I also don’t have high hopes for Go On or The New Normal.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..The Big 4

  9. Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca Says:

    I have an anthropology degree so I feel I have the right to criticize everything that is wrong with Bones. But I don’t just limit myself to the liberties they take w/ the forensic science. Nope. My BA earns me the right to point out that the contrast between Booth’s too-dark hair and his gizzard neck is so great it undermines the entire character’s believability. Needless to say, my husband no longer watches Bones with me.

    I live in the kind of small town that if we lost power or access to the outside world about 90% of people wouldn’t even notice and would have no problems coping. I would be in the 10% that dies within a week.
    Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca´s last blog post ..Feed Me, Seymour.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Hey, look! Another man! I’m so excited. 🙂

    Oh, and yay spreadsheets! Yay downloadable TV! Boo polygamy unless Deb’s in charge.

  11. Michelle Says:

    I have the same issue as Nan with Bones. And first of all, I just can’t get past everyone calling her Bones. Clever? What if we called everyone what they worked with? Hey you, Computers! Or Hey You, Kid Chaser! It annoys me.

    Oh . . . but Revolution annoys me more. I gave it two episodes. They admit right up front that it makes no sense why things like batteries stopped working, but that’s supposed to be the Lost-ish mystery. Whatever. I hate the main character. And everything is ripped off from some other show. I think my husband will stop watching soon, because I just make fun of it for the whole hour.

    Person of Interest is great, and I got hooked on Revenge. I think a lot of people would behave differently if they thought the rest of us had some Emily Thorne capabilities.
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Reminiscing