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• Here’s an interesting article at Checklist Mommy on how to talk to your kids about Stranger Danger. This is the sort of thing I randomly freak out about, and I think this article has a lot of good ideas.

• Also, I don’t know how I missed the Crappy Pictures blog before, but it’s HILARIOUS.

• On Friday, Jim took the day off (because he had to work on Labor Day Weekend), and we took the kids to the St. Louis Zoo. Before that though, I found a group of food trucks in downtown St. Louis* and we had a food truck lunch. It was DELICIOUS.

Big likes to watch The Great Food Truck Race on television, so I thought he’d get a kick out of it. I had this amazing barbecue pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top and it was to die for. Like, it was so good, I want to learn how to make coleslaw and start putting it on stuff. We also had a bagel sandwich (meh), a hotdog, and two cheese-steak sandwiches that were really, really yummy.

Also, I spent $18 on cupcakes. Anyone would. Right?


Mmmmm… Dulce de Leche, Snack Cake, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and French Toast with BACON.

Bacon on a cupcake: It’s a good thing.

• Last week Big woke up with a fever and a sore throat on Tuesday, and Jim was planning on Friday off, so I did not start school. I mean, we are still working through the math book, but we’ve run out of summer and have to Get With It For Reals Already Deb, JEEZ. Today is the first day of Second Grade for Big and of Kindergarten for Little. Wish me luck. And if someone could remind me to take first day of school pictures, that would be great.

• Happy Monday, y’all!

* Actually, the food trucks were parked at this GIGANTIC Wells Fargo complex that took up an entire city block, so we thought we’d get some cash out when we got there, because we bank at Wells Fargo and I am sick of paying $5 in “service fees” every time I use another bank’s machine. BUT THEN, when we went into one of the buildings to find an ATM there weren’t any, and furthermore, according to the rude lady at the desk, there aren’t any Wells Fargo ATMs in all of Missouri; information she finally deigned to part with when she couldn’t maintain her pretend-phone-call routine any longer. I guess we don’t give off an Investment Services Customer vibe in our six dollar t-shirts and thrift store shorts.

So we got back in the car, drove around for MILES looking for an ATM, and I eventually spotted one embedded in the wall outside a bar, AND THEN the machine kept sucking the bills back into it for some reason. Because what’s better than having a wrestling match with a machine over your money on the sidewalk of a big city outside a bar? Lots of things, that’s what.