Random Monday – Labor Day Edition

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• I have been getting a lot of blog traffic from people searching for “Magic Eraser in the toilet.” This cracks me up.

Sorry, people. I know – it’s a crashing disappointment it didn’t work.

• I keep missing my favorite television shows because the TV Guide here lists both the Central Time Zone and the Eastern Time Zone, and apparently it has taken me a week to catch on. Isn’t the Central Time Zone big enough for it’s own TV Guide? Does EVERYTHING in this country have to be subjugated to the coasts? People DO live in the middle, you know. Gah.

Good gravy, could I FIND a more ridiculous thing to whine about? How embarrassing.

• I had planned to start the new school year bright and early today, but this morning when I got up, I heard a bunch of racket at the offices next door, and noticed they were getting ready to repave the parking lot. I told Big about it, which resulted in him dragging me outside to watch the activity. In my pajamas. For two and a half hours. I did not even get my coffee until the uncivilized hour of TEN O’CLOCK.


Fortunately, I had an internship at an asphalt company in college, and I knew the answers to all the questions a certain 7 year old boy could come up with.

College: It’s a good thing.

• And now, if the hysteria I hear from upstairs is any indication, someone has just stabbed the air mattress Big has been sleeping on with a pencil, so I have to go deal with that. I am still in my pajamas. The hope for a shower today is slowly dying.

Oh. Sorry.

I mean, school is going AWESOME! Already today we’ve made a diorama of The Illiad out of a giant box we found when we were picking up trash in the neighborhood, we’ve baked pies for shut-ins, and later we are going to hand out pro-homeschooling leaflets at the school across the street. Big can’t wait until after lunch, when we are going to dive into double-digit subtraction! Little watched fifteen minutes of Dora and is now magically fluent in Spanish! This is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!