Nailed It or Failed It: The Pinterest Challenge

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All right, here we are again at the end of the month and my twitter pals are ready to do another round of Nailed It or Failed It.

This month, I chose Homemade Shaving Cream.

For one thing, it would guarantee I’d shave at least once.

I read a lot of the comments at the original post, and they all seemed to agree you should use thick ingredients, otherwise the shaving cream is too runny. They suggested a thick cocoa butter lotion, like the kind that comes in a tub.

Ingredients: $3.25

I, in a rare spurt of over-achiever-ness, found cocoa butter so thick, I had to grate it.

don’t be hating on my picture-taking skillz, y’all

I mixed all the ingredients together. I only made a half a batch, because the travel shampoo and conditioner I got at the dollar store were 3 ounces each, and that is close to 4 ounces, which is half a cup.

I’m very mathy.

Also, I used coconut oil instead of baby oil because I already had some.

Jim sat nearby and drank coffee and wondered if I was going to ruin the cheese grater. Or the metal bowl that I put directly on the stove burner to get the cocoa butter to melt. And how much did I spend? And is that cheaper than store bought shaving cream? And why was I doing this again?

Some people do not understand blogging, JIM.

Also, I explained that this way I had control over the ingredients and that it would be better because it only would contain cocoa butter, coconut oil, and the two hundred chemicals in the shampoo and conditioner.

It’s for science, JIM.

And then I didn’t have a container to put it in, so I ran around the house pouring the hand soap that was in this bottle into the other bottles so I could use it.

And then I spent 45 minutes rinsing the hand soap residue out.

And then I had to look for a funnel.

Jim perked up enough to help pour while I took these award-worthy photos

And then I had to let it set up for an hour, so we watched this video.

But Jim refused to do the dance.

At about ELEVEN PM, Jim had to go to stupid WORK, and I decided this was the optimal time to go ahead and do the experiment.

why yes, I did just post a picture of my pudgy, unshaven leg on the internet. you’re welcome.

The people who said the shaving cream was runny were masters of understatement. It was like pouring buttermilk on myself.

But it smelled pretty.

After shaving with the homemade stuff, I realized that I needed a control group.

So I rummaged around and found my husband’s shaving cream.

second verse, same as the first

The real shaving cream was imperceptibly thicker.

But it made me smell like a dude.

At TWELVE-THIRTY AM JIM, my husband finally finished working and I asked him if he could tell any difference.

He couldn’t.




Upon further reflection, I think I may have been a little hasty. The homemade shaving cream was not thick and luscious like the canned stuff, but it worked. And it was certainly an improvement over the bar soap I usually use. I had worried that shaving with shampoo would make me itchy, but it didn’t. So I may try this again. It wouldn’t hurt to leave it in the shower and see if I use it.

Also, apologies to my fellow Nailed It or Failed It participants. When I hit publish on this at 1am, I forgot to link to them. Click over and see how their projects turned out!

Wrap-Up: Weeks 2 and 3

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Week Two

We moved from St. Louis to Michigan, so no school was done. That’s how I like to do it – one week of solid schoolwork, and then, you know, I need a break. Plus also, it ensures that no one will ever be envious of what a Super! Homeschooler! I am.

I slack off so you feel better.

We did visit the Cahokia Mounds on the way out of St. Louis, thanks to a suggestion from Melanie at Fairly Square. They were very interesting. If Mel hadn’t said something to me about it, we would have driven right past.

There was construction traffic all the way from Missouri to Michigan, so it took FOREVER to get here. I amused myself by cranking an oldies radio station. Jim and I were able to not only sing all of Stayin’ Alive, but dance as well. Big refused to dance and buried his head in his book. I viewed this as a sign that I had succeeded in embarrassing him. Mom for the win!

Also, we listened to Geography Songs for 125 miles in Illinois.

On Saturday, I chucked the makings for a potato clock at Jim and the kids and they put that together. Mostly I did it in an effort to get the three of them to quit pecking at me for 5 minutes, but I’m counting it because the box said “science kit.”

Week Three

I know I am taking a semi-cop-out on Science and Geography this year by using Evan-Moor Daily Workbooks, but they needn’t rub it in by embarrassing me with nonsense like question 2 –

answer the question. here is the answer to the question. 
no, don’t look further up the page! the answer is right here. here —->
right there. copy that word. nevermind, i’ll just write it in for you. GOOD JOB!

We bought Big one of those Choose-Your-Adventure books (remember those?), and before he even got two chapters into it, he decided to write his own. I showed him how to make a story outline, and he spent all week painstakingly writing the story; asking me how to spell things every 5 seconds, and even illustrating it. I was very proud of him.

We did do a tiny bit of the never-ending math, but due to too many moments of “just chuck it in a box and I’ll deal with it later,” I had to sort through every. single. thing. we own. It sucked about as much as you imagine it did.

In summation: We killed it in Week One. We did nothing in Week 2. And very little in Week 3.

See? Don’t you feel better?

It matches because everything has sparkles!

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My daughter has a lot of strong opinions about her wardrobe.

ignore that pile of dirty laundry on the left, please


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Fall television is here!

I love tv, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Well, maybe a little ashamed.

You’ll be relieved to know that I spent an hour on Tuesday morning getting our TV Viewing Schedule figured out. When we were normal people, we had a dvr and we recorded everything. Now that we are traveling, none of the houses have a dvr and some of them don’t have cable at all.


So watching television is a thing. I have to figure out what we can watch live, which is pretty much zilch (ugh. live tv blows, man. all those commercials!), what we can watch on Hulu+,and what we are willing to pay for on Amazon. We have a Roku box, so we watch most everything through that. Except Person of Interest and The Mentalist, which CBS does not make available in any alternative format because they hate me.

I have a spreadsheet. Don’t laugh. I have a spreadsheet for everything, so it’s not as lame as it sounds. Or maybe it’s more lame…whichever.

Jim is looking forward to some new show called Revolution. Apparently it’s about post-apocalyptic America? I don’t know. I can see from the description that it will probably annoy me. For one thing, while living without my iPhone would be AWFUL, there was – and I don’t think I am speaking out of turn here – a pretty big segment of history wherein people survived without electricity.

We are reading the Little House series, so I know all about it.

Probably not having a hair dryer would be pretty hard. One time I took a shower right before bed and didn’t dry my hair. When I woke up, ALL OF IT was sticking STRAIGHT UP. It was like if Elvis’s hair and Vanilla Ice’s hair had a hair baby. I came down the stairs and Big said, “mom, maybe you should go take a little shower.” I went around all morning saying, “thank you very much” in my best Elvis voice, but I was the only one who thought it was funny.

Secondly, what about wind or solar power? Also, just because all the electronics die, what about the people who know how to fix that stuff? It’s not like we woke up one day and there were satellites and microwaves and cars that can park themselves. Someone MADE them. Probably they could do it again.

Anyway. Grouchy and judgey without ever having seen the show! Just another service I offer.

Jim also makes us watch NCIS and NCIS:LA. Because he was in the Navy, so we must watch everything that is even tangentially related. And then whenever something comes on the screen that isn’t accurate, like someone is wearing their dress uniform wrong, I get to listen to him rant about it. It’s super fun.

I am looking forward to the return of The Good Wife, Community, and Scandal.

Sister Wives can come back whenever they are ready too. I want them to tell us why they want 4 houses instead of one great big house like they had before. Am I the only person who wants to know that? Polygamy is so fascinating. I don’t think I could do it, though. Unless all the other wives would do everything I said. If I could boss people around and they actually obeyed me, I might be able to make it work.