Wrap-Up: Week 4963

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Or maybe it only feels like that. We are still finishing first grade, and I am stubbornly refusing to move on to second grade until this blasted math book is finished.

• Big IS making progress, because I told him in a moment of weakness that when he finished the book, I would take him to the Lego aisle and let him buy any set he wanted. There are moments of serious contemplation of the Lego catalog interspersed with moments of grudging, “I guess I’ll do some math today.”

Whatever. Maybe I am a failure, but at least I found his price. And it’s not like I don’t spend eight thousand dollars a year on Legos anyway, so I’m not really out anything.

Setting a bad precedence? Probably. But that’s Future Deb’s problem.

Future Deb better cowboy up.

• Also I spent all last week fantasizing about the day when I can afford a house in which I do not have to share a bathroom with anyone.

At all.


Not even Jim.

On Wednesday, in a sudden fit of anger at the state of the bathroom, I showed Big the toilet and the Clorox wipes, and shrieked at lectured him on a variety of dried-pee related topics while he, full of righteous indignation on the absolute injustice of the whole thing, cleaned it. Jim came up the stairs at that exact moment, and he got an earful too.

Anyway, I made a new rule. Male People are either cleaning up after their bathroom visits, or I am not sharing with them. I’m over it. Nineteen years of being subjected to other people’s dried pee is apparently my limit.

I know what you are thinking.

That I am the best mom and wife ever.

And maybe that you want me to say dried pee a few more times.

Cleaning the potty was educational for all concerned. That’s why it made the wrap-up.

• We also finished Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Farm in the Family Read Aloud department. We only had one chapter left, but I’m counting it and you can’t stop me.

• So for those of you who have started school – I hope your beginning days are going well. For those of you holding on to the dregs of summer with your fingernails – good for you.