Blog-Specific Bellyaching

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All right, this is strictly a gripe session.

Last week, I caught up on some blog reading and commenting, and found myself so frustrated that I feel the need to vent.

Number One Pet Peeve:

The Captcha. I hate the Captcha. Hate. Hate. Hate.

First of all, are people really getting that much spam? Does Blogger not have a Moderate First Comments Only option? Why must I jump through these hoops? By the time I squint and try multiple times and keep guessing wrong, my super witty comment has flitted right out of my sieve-like brain.

And then who suffers? We all do, people. We all do.

Secondly: Autoplay music. Doesn’t this sort of go without saying? I listen to the radio through my computer, and I don’t need to be jolted out of my coffee-hazed reverie because someone loves The Captain & Tennile. You know what I’m saying? I will never, never, never read a blog that assaults me with autoplay music.

Wow, that was grouchy.

Thirdly: Partial Feeds in my blog reader. I don’t like partial feeds. It’s too much extra clicking. I’m not trying to have reading give me carpel-tunnel syndrome.

Okay, that’s pretty much it. What do you think? Am I off the mark? Do you have pet peeves too? Or am I just the Super Crabby Lady now?

Obviously, I would never leave the internet. That’s just crazy talk.

I made some changes in the background here – installed a caching plug-in, and finally upgraded to JetPack, so if you notice any negative changes, please let me know.