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This house does not have a stove or oven. This is posing a significant problem for me, what with the people around here who want food cooked for them every day.

Yes, I knew going in that there was no oven or stovetop, but the owner told me that she had an electric skillet and a crock pot and a toaster oven, and I believed I could make it work. However, I foolishly thought No Oven only meant No Oven. But it also seems to mean No Cooking Utensils of Any Kind. There is no steak knife, nor spatula, nor mixing bowl. There is one tiny paring knife, ridiculously stored in a sheath, but which is so dull that I have to look at it to make sure I am using the right side of the blade.

Apparently, the house had been converted into a lawyer’s office or something before these owners turned it into a vacation rental, so it only has an office-type kitchen area. Thankfully, there is a dishwasher and decent-sized refrigerator. But I have no idea what to put in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, I’m far enough down the Real Food path that the thought of feeding my family convenience foods for five weeks makes me ill. On the other hand, I can’t make anything elaborate because Hai, there’s NO STOVE. Gah. And also no counter space. To give you some idea, there is a Keurig coffee maker and it takes up over 50% of the counter.

So. Yeah.

I’ve made every iteration of tacos I can think of, and the electric skillet is pretty big, so I’ve been able to make skillet ziti and fried rice, but I’m running out of ideas.

Do y’all have any recipes that are Real Food but that don’t take a lot of prep or ingredients or, you know, cooking?

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  1. Tressa Says:

    test. 1..2..3…sin of 90…test…

    Seriously, I am thinking of some recipes for you. Anything you can do on the top of the stove, you can do in an electric skillet.

  2. Rose Says:

    Yuck! I love the cabinets though! Pull out the crockpot and use it you can make tons of stuff in there

  3. chocolatechic Says:

    There is beef stroganoff. I have made this recipe more times that I can count. I use hamburger in place of the beef which makes it less expensive.

    Here is another link.,1-0,one_skillet_meals,FF.html

    Also my one dish dinner recipe that is on my blog is good too.
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  4. Kristy Says:

    I have some E-Mealz recipes that can be made in the skillet that I will send your way when I am more awake.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..Paddles, Pizza and Points

  5. hi kooky Says:

    Wow. Aaaaand, unfortunately, I’m lame in the kitchen department (hubby is the chef) so I’ve got nothing to offer. Except sympathy and agreement that it’s a weird setup indeed. HEY! – quesadillas? See, I told you.
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..I don’t know what to do.

  6. Connie Weiss Says:

    Do you have a grill?

    If not can you get a charcoal one and at least grill a bunch of meat once a week that you can use in recipes?
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  7. Lily Says:

    Lol. Grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach salad with all sorts of veggies, meat and veggie stirfrys in the skillet with rice made in a rice pot, lots of fruit, organic cornflakes?
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  8. mollie Says:

    I’d get a George Foreman (or similar) grill that you can take with you from place to place. That way you can do fajitas, steak, kabobs, panninis, etc regardless of how poorly equipped the kitchen is.

  9. Eddie Says:

    Sling a pork tenderloin or a whole chicken with some oil and chopped garlic into the crockpot with sliced potatoes. Cook it on low all day, or on high from lunchtime if you forgot to plug it in. Serve with a bag salad.

    Pot roast: take a piece of foil. Stick the pot roast in the middle of it. Sprinkle with onion soup mix or some kind of seasoning. Fold foil, sling into crockpot with sliced carrots, potatoes, celery underneath. Same cooking instructions as above.

    Just a thought: Most grocey stores sell disposable bbqs for about $5. You could grill steaks and hot dogs. If you do a couple of extra steaks you could use the leftovers in wraps the next day for lunch.

    I would go nuts without kitchen gadgets!
    Eddie´s last blog post ..Saving the Budget, One Homeschool Year at a Time

  10. alicia Says:

    Hi Deb! Do you have a blender? Maybe make hummus for wraps (tortillas) with veggies? I’ve read about baking potatoes (white & sweet) in a crock pot..might go well with some grilled meat someone suggested? From what I’ve read here, it doesn’t seem like a little something like no stove or oven will stop you! (: All the best! Sounds like a great adventure!! Oh, one more, tortilla pizza would work in your’ve made these? Tortilla, sauce, cheese, toppings, put lid on & cook few minutes? We love it..nice thin “crust”!

  11. Felicia Says:

    Most everything I have made from her site has been great. I love crock pot meals! Also I love that you can search the site by category.

  12. Ingi Says:

    It’s summer there right? Salads, baby! Salads!
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