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• As I sat down to write this, my son said to me, “Mom, I have a suggestion on how you can improve dinner.”

Well, let me get a pencil and paper, little boy, I’m all ears.

Good grief.

• When Jim and the kids were playing outside yesterday, some woman came up to the back gate and asked if she could come in the yard for a second. Apparently, she used to live next door to this house.

And she had a cat.

That died.

She buried it in the backyard. There’s a memorial plaque.

That she wanted to visit.

She leaned over the fence and started talking in the general direction of the a tree next door.

Anyway, it was all perfectly normal.

• We went to a street fair over the weekend. I saw a dog wearing a tutu –

A fur legwarmer sort of a thing that fools people into thinking regular shoes are boots –

It’s no handcarved wooden chicken, but I bought an apron for my sister –

And a yarn bowl for myself –

How was your weekend?