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“YOU GUYS! Goats! Over there, goats in that field!”

“Look! An emu! And donkeys! And alpacas! They put the donkeys in to protect the other animals. Donkeys are as good as a watch dog. They will stomp you.”

“You guys! Pay attention!”

“You guys, I just saw a dead armadillo on the side of the road.”

“Oh my gosh! You GUYS! A dead raccoon!”

“LOOK! Another one! I swear, it looked just like an armadillo. Do they have armadillos here? Maybe it was an opossum.”

“Seriously, you guys should be paying attention, there is a lot of awesome dead wildlife on the road.”

“Hey, remember that song? About the dead skunk?”

Jim and I sing in unison:

There’s a dead skunk in the middle of the road
A dead skunk in the middle of the road
There’s a dead skunk in the middle of the road
And it’s stinking to HIGH Heaven!


You’re dying do go on a road trip with me. Admit it.

3 Responses to “Missouri”

  1. Applie Says:


    We have had several conversations about dead animals on the side of road.
    Applie´s last blog post ..What Matters is Inside

  2. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    Coming to Kansas City anytime soon? Can’t hurt to see if our schedules coincide/stars align. 🙂
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Next: The Little Hitler Clothing Line

  3. Ingi Says:

    Bring it! Would love to – we could be in harmony/unison/some other musical analogy 🙂
    Ingi´s last blog post ..Game over