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It’s time for Week Two of the Not Back to School Blog Hop, hosted this year at

Well, as you may or may not be aware, we sold our house back in November and decided to ditch suburbia for Adventure. We are now traveling the United States with our kids (I swear, it still sounds so strange to say that. Who does that? Weirdos, that’s who).

A couple years ago, our school room looked like this

Last year, we were packing and moving out of our house, so our schoolroom looked like this –

Once we got on the road, our classroom started to look like this –

Bandon Beach, Oregon

Shelton, Washington

Mount Saint Helens, Washington

Yellowstone National Park

Phoenix, Arizona

On the horizon – exploring St. Louis, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and going back to Oregon this winter.

After that?  Who knows?