Travel Snacks

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We are leaving Arizona today and heading for St. Louis.

That will be a loooooooong drive.

Snacks are an important part of traveling. You gotta have something to shove in the mouths of whiny children. To distract them.


Anyway. Here is what I will be packing –

Meatballs. I like cold meatballs (made from my Best Meatloaf EVER recipe). Granola Balls (from Pinterest).

(Let’s just pause for a moment and tell ourselves all the ball jokes so I don’t get carpel tunnel syndrome typing them out. Ready? Okay.)

Diced ham, chicken, and cheese to eat with a fork Рsandwiches get soggy and a picnick-y lunch is always fun for some reason. Raisins, homemade trail mix, flax crackers (gotta keep everyone regular,  you know), apple sauce, diced pears, and apple juice (ditto).

All neurotically packed in divided plastic containers.

Happy Trails, y’all! See you in St. Louis!