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I thought I’d take a minute to answer some of the questions that I’ve gotten in the comments.

From Kathleen:
So now that you are “homeless,” whose regulations must you fulfill? Are you tied to any particular state’s requirements? And why does Mr. Government care? Do you have to file state income taxes? I am baffled as to how all this works! Who knew living your dream could be so complicated?

We still consider ourselves residents of Colorado, so I stick to those regulations when it comes to homeschooling. They aren’t too bad, since neither of the kids are old enough to be required to do testing or be evaluated.

Mr. Government is a nosy parker.

Yes, we filed Colorado state income taxes. We lived there and owned a house until November of 2011, so we were residents. I do not wish to be in trouble with Mr. Government.


That’s all the questions I found.

I know there were others. You’re all practically burning with curiosity about the Crazypants Rodeo…aren’t you?

Anything you want to know?

** if you’re new here and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, read this, this and this. And maybe this, this, and this if you become enthralled.


4 Responses to “Q & A”

  1. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    You know REALLY? What I wanted to ask but didn’t want to seem bossy is would you compile the series of posts about selling your home and embarking on this grand adventure in some prominent “about me” section or something? Because there have been a couple times I’ve wanted to show someone about this but couldn’t find the post etc.
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Back to School…

  2. Eddie Says:

    Ok, here’s something I wonder about, since RV living is a possibility for us too: how do you maintain your sanity when you’re all in the same place, all day every day? I love my family and enjoy being with them, but I do worry about the possibility of the Evil Shrieking Woman making a homicidal appearance after months of loud togetherness in one room.
    Eddie´s last blog post ..Around the World in 12 Dishes – Australia!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Wow! I did not know all that. So this is how nomadic tribes are born. Just imagining it is at once crazy, scary, exhilarating, exhausting, and remarkably inspiring.

    I am actually teeming with curiosity (I’ve a salve for the burning) in a disoriented sort of way because it is so unique. The first question that pops in my mind is if the Adventure has thus far met your expectations? Did you romanticize it? What was the biggest surprise, good and bad? What do you miss most about geographic roots, if anything? Is it still open ended? How far in advance do you plan? Are you traveling to meet people or to see things? What motivates your locations? The kids? Fancy? Squirrel! Do you do geocaching or such games? Will you be going international? Perhaps now is a good time for a deep breath. Yep.

    Your Obligatory About Page does seem wanting of a mention about the Grand Adventure. At the moment, it’s like a steganographic thread woven through your blog for the cognoscenti (whee! I love my fancy words)… or is that a feature rather than a bug?

  4. Kathlee Says:

    Darn! I was hoping someone had found a way around those pesky taxes. I guess you will be voting by absentee ballot.