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I thought I’d take a minute to answer some of the questions that I’ve gotten in the comments.

From Kathleen:
So now that you are “homeless,” whose regulations must you fulfill? Are you tied to any particular state’s requirements? And why does Mr. Government care? Do you have to file state income taxes? I am baffled as to how all this works! Who knew living your dream could be so complicated?

We still consider ourselves residents of Colorado, so I stick to those regulations when it comes to homeschooling. They aren’t too bad, since neither of the kids are old enough to be required to do testing or be evaluated.

Mr. Government is a nosy parker.

Yes, we filed Colorado state income taxes. We lived there and owned a house until November of 2011, so we were residents. I do not wish to be in trouble with Mr. Government.


That’s all the questions I found.

I know there were others. You’re all practically burning with curiosity about the Crazypants Rodeo…aren’t you?

Anything you want to know?

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