Olympics Update

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• Way to go, Michael Phelps. While I am still disappointed in the dope-smoking, 19 Olympic medals isn’t too shabby.

• Apparently, some of the Badminton teams have been throwing games to draw easier opponents in future matches. Some wonder if the sport of Badminton will ever recover.

If the sport of Badminton will ever recover!

Who? Who is wondering that? Does Badminton have some stellar reputation or something? Has Badminton been ruined in the eyes of the international athletic community? Does the international athletic community view Badminton with something other than derision? How is Badminton even a sport at all? I suppose it’s a step above TABLE TENNIS. Is there a shortage of ACTUAL sports out there, is that why they include some of this stuff? Ping-Pong? Really? Badminton? That thing with the ribbons?

Just because you did it in your parent’s basement in 1975, that doesn’t make it a sport.

• I like the synchronized diving. It’s cool and I wholeheartedly approve of the outfits. That is the kind of uniform all our male athletes should wear, regardless off the sport. Archery? Tiny speedo. Men’s gymnastics? Tiny speedo. Short Track Skating? Tiny speedo. What do you think? The women, obviously, should be more covered, so they aren’t objectified.

We were watching the men’s diving the other night, and I mistakenly told the kids that the next group were Americans. Jim rolled his eyes at me and said, “they’re British, don’t you know what your own flag looks like?” and I said, “I wasn’t looking at the flag, I was looking at their outfits.”

And then he rolled his eyes so hard, he was in danger of spraining something.