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So. The Olympics.

• In 2010, I spent quite a bit of time developing what might be described as a Bordering-On-Inappropriate crush on Apolo Ohno. So much awesomeness in such a deliciously-thighed package.

• I like the Winter Olympics more than the Summer Olympics, in part for one very important reason: curling. I love curling.

• I don’t really “get” the athletic drive. Not only can I not imagine working out 8 hours a day for 4 years for an event that will be over a 1.23 minutes, I can’t even imagine cutting back on cookies.

So there you go.

3 Responses to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. kristy Says:

    I don’t get the Apolo Ohno thing. Really? What am I missing?

    That last sentence is hysterical. And oh so the truth!
    kristy´s last blog post ..Nailed It or Failed It Challenge

  2. Diane Says:

    If you are still crazy about Apolo you will be happy to know that he is returning to Dancing With The Stars. Now you can view him twice a week.
    Diane´s last blog post ..With All The Craziness We started Back To School Yesterday

  3. Eddie Says:

    I hear you on the cookies. I feel that way about my evening glass of wine. I’d rather be chubby – luckily, something I excel at without strenuous activity. 🙂
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