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• Well, it’s official. Jim is going to be out of town all week.

At first, it’s exciting. I can watch all the teevee! I can eat all the ice cream!

But then reality sets in, and I realize that I also have to watch all the kids and bathe all the kids and feed all the kids and wrestle all the kids into bed and discipline all the kids and do all the scut work that comprises real life.

And then I get all grouchy and panicky and start making lists of things to do before he goes, because I’ll be darned if I am going to start out the week having to drag two kids grocery shopping when it’s 115 degrees outside.

And then I complained about it on Twitter all weekend, which turned out to be a bad idea because some of my friends are military wives and have dealt with year-long deployments in the past. So I felt like a big ninny.

Because I am one.

Ninnies of the world unite!

Anyway. Whining might happen, is all I’m saying.

• To kick things off, there was a scorpion sighting about 10 hours before Jim was to leave. A scorpion sighting, mind you, not a scorpion killing. There’s a big difference.

• I watched decorating television over the weekend, and I saw some people include an espresso maker into their bathroom renovation.

A lot of things happen in a bathroom. Making espresso should not be one of them.

• Big and I went grocery shopping on Friday night. I thought it was a lovely, cool, evening. Then I looked at the temperature.

• Happy Monday, y’all!