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see the temperature? see the time? egads, yo.

• I started planning our school year this weekend. There is really no way to condense that job down into a bullet point. I only mention it to put the cat on the roof that this post might suck, since my brain is presently stuck in an Excel spreadsheet.

• My friend Tressa has started a series called Tressays Virtual Homeschool Convention. I am excited about this. Tressa has been homeschooling for ten years. She (and Melanie at Fairly Square) have talked me off many homeschooling ledges. Go check her out and be a part of the conversation.

• The other day we were swimming, and Little said to me, “I’m pretending I’m in the Olympics!” and I said, “okay, what’s your event?” and she sang out, gesturing with her tiny hand, “to walk over here without drowning!”

• Apparently I need to break out my hair dryer and start doing more than just towel drying and moving on with my life. The kids keep telling me I look like Beakman. Rude.

• The desert is interesting. I don’t feel any affinity to it, but I can’t deny how different it is from anything I’ve ever seen. Did you know that a Saguaro cactus can live up to 200 years? And they don’t start growing arms/branches until they are around 75 years old? Did you know that Roadrunners prey on rattlesnakes?

Can you guess how interested I was in going for a desert hike after learning there are rattlesnakes here?

Rattlesnakes need to step off.

see the nest?

• On Sunday, Jim killed a scorpion. In the house.

And then I died.

• Happy Monday, y’all!